How It Works

We work with local organizations in a public-private partnership to deploy broadband internet in underserved communities.

Somes states prevent towns from providing ISP service directly to their residents. As an ISP, we help overcome these legal obstacles.

The Open Broadband Approach

  1. Demand Aggregation
    We provide a survey to measure community demand. Then we use that data to create a demand map.
  2. Feasibility Study
    We then assess the area for available resources such as water towers, antenna towers, and other useful structures for our antennas. An RF study is performed on the demand map, and a network design is created.
  3. Implement Pilot Project
    Once the network design is approved, we build the initial infrastructure to activate a small group of beta customers. We never have a shortage of interested beta testers!
  4. Full Deployment of Broadband Service
    When our public-private partnership agrees that the Beta Network is successful, we then proceed with building out the entire network for the community.


Use Existing Infrastructure

Start with a Pilot Project

High Capacity Backhaul

Where possible we build our fixed wireless network around existing infrastructure, such as water towers, poles, tall buildings, and city fiber, to support the network
Given the large and delicate nature of deploying a wireless network, our approach is to pilot wireless in a small part of the town to test the  network before deploying it community wide.
The internet backhaul is a critical component of the wireless network. We leverage our carrier contracts to bring a fiber connection as close to the tower as possible, with plenty of bandwidth.

Capacity Management

Leverage for the Community

An investment for the Long Term

Our telecom experts design the load on both the wireless segments, and the fiber backhaul to ensure sufficient capacity to meet the desired bandwidth speeds for the community.
The high-speed broadband network is an asset for the community, helping to attract new residents and businesses. Open Broadband works with local economic development groups to maximize the value.
Open Broadband makes a long-term business investment in the community to build the network. Our network design is robust, and the equipment is durable to ensure the long-term success of the network.