Fixed Wireless Broadband

Open Broadband provides hybrid fiber and fixed wireless ISP solutions to bring fast and reliable broadband internet to your community.

Compared to fiber or cable, fixed-wireless is much faster to deploy, and does not involve digging up streets or moving lines on poles. It is much faster than DSL, satellite, and cellular hotspots.

High Speed, Cost Effective Internet

  • Internet speeds range from 25Mbps to 1000Mbps.
  • ​In most markets service prices start below $30/month.
  • ​There are no usage caps, no overage charges, and no throttling.
  • We support Net Neutrality.


  1. CEO
    Alan Fitzpatrick
    20+ yrs experience, including: COO for DC74 Data Centers Global VP Network for ACN SVP Engineering for US LEC Alumni of Vanderbilt, Purdue
  2. CTO
    Kent Winrich
    20+ yrs experience, including: Dir of Broadband for Fibrant Dir of Eng. at Clear Channel Senior Eng roles at Hibernia, Vidyo, BAE Alumni of University of Wisconsin, Wake Forest

24x7 Tech Support

Staffed in North Carolina

Our internet service experts are available 24x7 to answer any technical support issue. Best of all, our team is based in North Carolina!

Team Expertise
  • Telecom experts who have been responsible for community networks, and know how to make them work.
  • Experience in working with local governments.
  • Open and flexibile in solutions. We are not tied down to specific product sets.
  • Flexible in structuring public-private partnership models.

Supporting the state's mission:

Open Broadband works with North Carolina's Broadband Infrastructure office to bring broadband connectivity to rural areas that are underserved.

Participating member of the Wireless Community

North Carolina is blessed to have an outstanding Wireless Research Center in Wake Forest, NC. Open Broadband is an active member of the wireless community and a strong supporter of the center.
Need high-speed broadband in your community? We can help.​
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